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AsusTek Computer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Matt shares his upsetting experience on, "I purchased this high-end laptop from ASUS when I started my production company to be able to edit videos while travelling. Over the course of 3 years, this laptop has failed me 5 times with the same issue. The laptop doesn't turn on as a result of something failing with the motherboard. After the third breakdown, ASUS finally replaced the motherboard which was barely covered under warranty at the 2-year mark, but they don't warranty the repair beyond 30 days. Shouldn't a new motherboard come with a new 2-year warranty? Is this reputable company seriously unable to back their own work? Since then it has failed twice more and they refuse to cover any of the costs related to the repair. Instead of doing what is right and upgrading my laptop, ASUS gave me the same motherboard at the end of my warranty period and washed their hands of me."


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Former Employee - Mechanical R&D Function Senior Manager says

"It doesn't provide a clear career path for its employees."

Former Employee - PR Specialist says

"Low management competency, especially with the team leaders"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Outdated process and systems for such a big company - HQ micro-management for all decisions - Strong Asian corporate culture (aka "saving face" in all circumstances) - Incredibly high turnover - No work/life balance + long hours - Employees considered as liabilities - Low pay"

Former Employee - Web Designer says

"Far office. Heavy work loading. Full of emotional blackmail in the organization."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"-19 century systems across all departments here and in HQ -too many layers/levels of approval process for any tickets or requests, even for a small amount of requests -incapable HR Dept -management prefers you to work 24/7 and be in office before 9am and leave no earlier than 6 -retirement plan fully vested after 6 years"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"PLEASE READ BEFORE HR WILL TRY TO REMOVE THIS REVIEW. Extremely low pay and management is watching over every move you make. You’re required to record every task that your doing especially the time when you to the restroom. Managers here are very strict and not flexible. When I say strict, they threatened you if you don’t stay late working and manipulate you by cutting you’re annually bonus. I know this review is based on my experience. I managed to have the same experience from former and current employees at ASUS. From the outside it seemed like good place join but there’s has been a cycle of issues that goes on here."


"If all you cared about was having a small gym and free mediocre coffee, then this is the place for you. But if you cared about a company that valued its people, had a great company culture with healthy and supportive team environment, plus helpful managers who would want you to succeed and move up professionally by providing lots of opportunities for growth, or, gave back to the communities by giving time off to volunteer, and provided a work/life balance with flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home,(there’s plenty more to add here but you get the idea), then this isn’t the place for you. I did not adhere to the wise advice of those before me and warned about the low wages, expected long hours (if you’re on salary but will ding you for working over for hourly employees), micro managing, favoritism, high-school like cliques, no raises/bonuses for veteran employees, very Chinese/Taiwanese culture, and no perks. It’s almost unheard of that they let you get off early before the holidays. You’re lucky if they let you leave by 5:45pm the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or NYE, as you know, they are family holidays! To them, 6pm is when you need to leave work or later is better. Anytime before that, you gotta put in PTO for the missing time. A real Scrooge maybe? High turn over and the highest exodus I’ve seen in any company that was not due to layoffs. It’s almost as if it’s a race now of who can get out of there quicker. I’ve even seen some walked out without giving any notices. Again, favoritism is blatant. Low wages and you only get bonuses or raises if they like you. Some in their 10+ years haven’t gotten a raise of more than 50 cents!! They see employees not as assets but as liabilities. There’s no trust and it’s evident by the mandatory monitoring where you record what you do every minute with a timer. It’s a literal timer on the web that you log on and press start as soon as you get in. They tell you it’s how they can measure what projects we’re working on. Except the fact that the majority of people don’t have multiple projects they work on and secondly, there are no separate budgets for these projects to measure where the hours or work go into. So really, there’s no function of the timer other than to monitor us: what time you get in, what time you leave, how long you take breaks and how much work you do. It’s funny to read comments by management here that says “you have to love your job to enjoy it” and “you have to love and believe what you do.” Is that best pitch they can give to bring up enthusiasm? Anyone inspired now? But there you have it. I guess a lot of us did not love or believe in a company who does not value its employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad culture in which people are not fairly treated and higher management is everything. All employees are overloaded."

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"- learnt a lot from my peers and especially my trainer - every other working aspects need serious improvement in the company including: Professional manners Proceeding towards the main mission instead of eluding the codes of conduct and marginal issues"

Global Social Media Manager (Former Employee) says

"***Please note that this review is for HQ in Taipei, Taiwan, though some of it applies to the US and other global offices.*** I would not recommend working at ASUS as it may frustrate you to no end. A typical day usually starts at 9-9:30am, though it routinely ended around 8-9pm. This is the work culture in Taiwan, where you're expected to work as hard as your manager (ie, stay until they leave), who in turn has to work as hard as their director. It's a cascade effect as most managers are in the office until 10-11pm. I was able to learn quite a bit, since I was essentially thrown to the wolves and had to learn everything on my own, but training is nonexistent for almost every department. You're expected to know it already or pick it up within the first week. Management style is again, Asian, and based on filial piety. Management tells you to do something, and you do it, no questions or feedback asked, as you are to always do what your elders tell you to do. "Thinking outside the box" is frowned upon, and most want you to conform to their way of thinking and methodology, since "it's what we've always done". My expat coworkers were the only saving grace, as we all had a very similar work style and attitude, that didn't really mix well with other local teams that we worked with (again, work culture from different countries). Having to adjust to the work culture was definitely the hardest part of the job, but once you learn and accept it, you can move on and be quite productive. The most enjoyable part of the job for me was the freedom I had to learn on the job,Per diem for lunch/dinner, 7/11 store on site.Expected to work long hours everyday, lack of communication"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst ever job that I have been. Never come back again. They told me they would give bad references about me because I decided to leave the job and move a another country/Worfk from homeHorrible bosses, horrible schedule, horrible salary"

Supervisor Sr. (Current Employee) says

"Excelente marca de tecnología, área de oportunidad administración de la marca en: Estrategia, Comunicación y Resurtidos para generar mayor volumen de venta.excelente equipo de trabajono pagar alcances o comisiones"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Too much work. Doesn't respect employees personal life."

Warehouse medewerker (Former Employee) says

"alle dagen het zelfde werk weinig tot geen uitdagingaanschaf schoenen"

Sr. Subcontracts Administrator (Former Employee) says

"A typical workday begins at 7am and does not end until the late evening hours for salaried employees. You can expect to work 70+hrs per week.The company does provide continuing education via on-line classes.Management is inconsistent with regards to enforcing their policies and procedures. They are quick to terminate without cause.If they don't level with you on what you are walking into you should walk away from this opportunity. Be leery of promises or trade offs.will allow some work from home hourswill allow some work from home hours"

Sales Director (Former Employee) says

"Great experience working for ASUS. Quickly left after two years of ownership transformation. Quality was not the number one focus."

Analista/Programador (Former Employee) says

"Empresa muito fechada, não aceita opniões dos funcionarios."

Publications (Former Employee) says

"For those who are starting in the workforce, this company is good for learning the basics. But if it's for career growth, expect nothing from this company, because the management will take your accomplishments as theirs, without giving compliments/praises.Free lunch, bonusesYou have to work beyond office hours, even if it means you have to stay the whole night."

Logistiek operator (Current Employee) says

"Het werk is niet zwaar en niet vervelend! Maar doordat er met verschillende maten gemeten word is er altijd spanning onder de collega’s. De juiste mensen zitten op de verkeerde functies en er word niet naar personeel gekeken alleen naar targets en fouten"

專案主任 (Former Employee) says

"人治多無法治 在這裡學習到很多溝通技巧,知道什麼時候可以說什麼話,能做的不多,只能隨老闆的主張執行,同仁能發揮的意見和空間不多"

Associate Director (Product Manager) says

"You can learn lots of things in ASUS. But after several years, you're able to find a better job in other companys. Suggest not working for this company too long, not worth working there over 5 years. I'd worked for ASUS over 8 years, and now I can earn almost twice yearly salary (180 --> 300+). Not to mention stable monthly salary (stable cash flow) is up to third times more than what I earned in ASUS.Chance to learn and workLow salary. Not fair to hard working employee"

Customer Loyalty Representative (Current Employee) says

"Its hard to get raises and benefits.If you show your work skills, there is more growth within the company. It is somewhat political.job stabilitysalary/ pay, upper management"

Customer Loyalty Representative (Former Employee) says

"company partys were ok. they slowly started getting worse as the years passed. i was lucky to move up in the company. but raises were not all that. bonus's were partiesmanagment"

Gitex Promoter (Former Employee) says

"Was a Gitex promoter for the year 2017, the team managing the promoters were a mixed bag of good polite and rude people but in the end it was an average experience.Interaction with new peopleLong tirng hours"

Marketing Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A good place for freshman or beginner to learn but not a nurturing place for professionals who already have 3-4 years of experience. Terrible work/life balance, if you want to work at this company, you have to be ready to sacrifice your personal time at any days or any times since the workload is quite overwhelming and intense most of the time Good things about working for this company are that you have the control over your own projects since managers are result-orientedFree lunch, on-site gymTerrible work life balance, long work hours"

PC (Current Employee) says

"ในการทำงานในแต่ละวัน จะต้องเจอคนที่โอเคเข้ากันได้กับทุกคน บ้าง ก็เจอคนไม่ดีที่ไม่ค่อยสามารถร่วมงานกับบุคคลอื่นได้"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I've learned a lot about fixing or you can say reworking cellphones and also I've learned about software updates. well at first it's easy but you need to fix 15.000 phones and finish it within 2 weeks but everything is worth it."

Mobile Computing Software Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My colleague is all really nice to help each other. Learned a lot from them. The most enjoyable part of the job is team member can sit together to brainstorm some new ideas without hesitation. The open mind environment is so important for daily work."

patronbo says

"Bought a brand new motherboard when i got it i put it in and it didn\'t work no power. so i thought it was my power supply so ordered new power supply waited for it then when it came in it i installed but mother board still didn\'t work so called I.T. they had me try a number of things nothing worked so the it guy said take out the graphics card so i was trying to get it out while he was saying take the graphics card so i ended up breaking the clip on on the slot. but it had nothing to do with it not working but they used it as a excuse not to honor their warranty. So i hope anybody reading this will remember this before they by a Asus product. THEY ARE SLIME"

Eduardo says

"After 1 year and 4 months owning what I thought was a fantastic phone (ZenFone 6), it has completely died, no charging, no rebooting, no hard-reset is making it come back to life. Of course this happens a few months after warranty expires so now it's gotta be fixed by spending money.. A "flagship" device should last at least 3 years of normal use in my opinion."

West London Lawyer says

"No bloody chance after reading reviews of Asus customer services and warranty claims on Trustpilot! Had a gaming laptop on order from but after reading reviews about Asus on this website I cancelled order!!!"

Liam Redican says

"Acer Chromebook...I bought a Chromebook from Argos in November, after reading 4+ reviews, I thought it was all I needed for streaming & music. After 5 weeks it stopped working. I rang and spoke to a service assistant, straight away she said “we don’t offer a refund”, which annoyed me as I never asked and just wanted it fixed. Sent it off to their repair centre in’s been with them 7 weeks & I’ve only had one email to say parts were ordered. I rang up again - you cannot do online chat as it’s never working or email them - and the guy said straight away, ‘Brexit’ is delaying things. Don’t give me this, how long have we known about brexit & also why parts weren’t in their production warehouse anyway. He couldn’t give me a return date, so I’m now without my laptop still & no idea when getting back. The Chromebook was ok, but if I’d known the customer service would be this bad with repairs and correspondence...I’d never have bought. I wouldn’t recommend Acer to anyone"

WicklowMan says

"I bought a Asus Chromebook. After about 5 months it stopped working. I brought it to their nominated repair centre in Dublin. They said the charging port was damaged and it was not covered under repair. They said hardware was not covered!?!? I said that perhaps it was low quality parts? The repair bill was €320 and the laptop cost €299 new. I said I would not go ahead with the repair. They then said I had to pay €60 or they would not give me back the laptop. Rubbing salt into a wound, eh? I have taken an action against Asus through the Small Claim Courts."

Gellert says

"I had the mistake of buying an ASUS PG349Q. 6 months after its purchase, it developed a dead pixel and a dark spot on the screen, but apart from that the unit was in mint condition physically, so I filled out an RMA, which ASUS approved on the 11th of December, however they only offered me a reverse swap which will prove to be a large problem, but I'll soon get to that. I packed my original unit in the box in the original box and foam packaging and DPD came and picked it up no problem. Few days go by, with no response from ASUS, so naturally I give them a rign and they inform me that they have no idea when the replacement will be availabe. This was annoying to say the least as I use this monitor for work and having no access to it whatsoever was a big hinderance. On the 21st of December, I recieved an email saying the delivery of the replacement unit will be done the next day and it was... ASUS shipped the replacement unit in a cardboard box instead of the originial one I provided mine in, but that's only half of the problem. The replacement unit was a bad repair job, which I was not expecting to recieve. The corner of it was damaged, and so was the top where they priet it apart. Furhtermore, this unit had a signifficant amount of backlight bleeding too; I was not happy about this whatsoever. Naturally I got on the phone with ASUS, explaining my problems and sent a follow-up email after the call with the pictures I took of the issue. After my email with the pictures, I recieved a new RMA, however this was made for a PG279QE instead, a monitor I do NOT own, and I was on the call with ASUS yet again to recitfy this and after a few emails back and forth this was sorted out. ASUS explained that the reason I was not offered a normal swap was because of the higher end nature of my monitor, but the new RMA for this similarly high-end monitor made no mention of a reverse swap, curiously enough. I was then told a new RMA would be raised for the swap unit and I would not need to do anything else. So, I waited a couple of days, no reply so I gave them another call asking what's up, and I was then informed I have to do another RMA form myself... During one of my calls, I was told my case would be raised internally to the complaint department as it was taking too long, however when I talked to another rep later on, I was told that was not the case at all what so ever... seems like they have no problem misleading me. I submitted a formal complaint, however that fell on deaf ears and nothing was done about it. DPD came and collected the swap unit on Tuesday (12 Jan), however, I recieved another email after that they want to collect it again. I phoned ASUS and they blamed DPD for this incompetence and told me that DPD mixes up delivery and collection on their emails and so forth and that I would be getting the delivery instead, so I thought maye... On Thursday (14 Jan) when DPD came, there was no box in sight and sure enough the driver showed me the collection order. Afterwards I tried phoning ASUS again, however my call was answered by Danny (or Nelvi not 100% sure who) whom I had the "privilige" to talk to previously a number of times, hung up on me after I introduced myself and I was transferred straight to the end of the call where it was asking for my feedback. The next two times I called I was then put straight through to feedback, without anyone answering; I am assuming because he hung up on my instantyl. The 4th call was then answered by someone else and I was able to have a conversation. What and atrocious costumer service. I have just reciever the latest swap monitor (16th Jan), however ASUS' employees seem to lack common sense as they put very little padding towards the front of the screen and a lot on the back. Naturally the screen is cracked on both the top and bottom right corners and the side of the monitor is mangled, this can be attributed to shipping damage and bad packaging maybe, HOWEVER the monitor is also filthy. Furthermore, on the cardboard box it clearly talks about a normal swap instead, so I am honestly baffled how this process can be this disjointed; and also if this would have been a normal swap ASUS would not have had the opportunity to nick my box, which they do not want to give back whatsoever, or even another proper box. At this point I honestly think ASUS is just disrespecting me with all this and at this point they have wasted far too much of my time. Today being weekend I am unable to contact anyone, however I thought I would take the time to share my experience with you. To this day I have made 22 calls, totalling to a total talk time of 3 hours, 1 minute and 59 seconds and not once have I been able to talk to a a manager at at all (saying it was not possible to forward a normal call with teh circumstances), only 1st line of support who have no ablitity to anything at all, just pass concerns to the 2nd level which you cannot talk to."

Irena1 says

"We bought an ASUS Google chromebook on Amazon in April for my kids to do their homeschool work. In December it stopped charging, out of nowhere. We contacted ASUS who CONFIRMED it is in warranty and fairly quickly arranged for Letmerepair to collect our laptop. Two weeks later we have been told by Letmerepair that 1) our laptop is out of warranty 2) we need to pay £70 more than the value of the laptop (which they know what this is as they have our receipt) to fix it 3) pay £45 to return our laptop to us without fixing it. The T+Cs that we received clearly state this would only apply when it's out of warranty WHICH IT IS NOT. When we enquired about this to Letmerepair they said that there was damage to the laptop and so therefore the charging point repair is not in warranty. They then gave me a number to contact ASUS who said they are just a 'level 1 customer rep' and sent me a form to complete with no sign of when the issue was resolved. We cannot just leave the laptop as a 'write off' because it has sensitive information on it about our children. When you go on Trustpilot and Amazon the commonalities and consistency between the reviews and problems are striking. It is apparent that both ASUS and Let Me Repair are conducting a systematic scam of consumers. Therefore we will be filing a complaint with Trading Standards and I would recommend others to do the same. The real losers here are of course our kids - and the many other people stuck in a lockdown situation - who need their Google Chromebooks to complete their homeschooling lessons during the Covid Crisis. ASUS and Let Me Repair seem to be reaping the rewards from the high demand for Google Chromebooks and their failures!"


"I purchased a laptop on 26th December 2019 and all was fine for 11 months. On 3rd December 2020 I cameto turn on the laptop and it would not start. I looked on line and did all the hints and tricks it suggested but still nothing. I then called Asus and they ran me through some similar things to try but still nothing. The advisor then said that as it was still under warranty, a courier would pick it up the next day and would take it to the repair center in Scotland. 48 hours later I recieved an email from said repair centre saying that my laptop had been examined and WAS NOTincluded under warranty as the damage had been caused by 'a spillage'. This was accompanied by a grainy photo of the supposed innards of my laptop. This was a great surprise to me as no fluid of any kind had been near the unit. They stated that to repair would cost £425 (the laptop cost me £379 new!), or £45 to return it unfixed, or pay nothing and they would keep it!!! I called the advisors at the helpline and explained that no fluids had been the unit, they escalated it to second tier complaints. In the meantime I visited an independant repair centre in my home town of Rugby and told them the tale of events thus far. They said it was a case of the small man against the big company, but they actually laughed when i showed them the image I had been sent of the supposed 'spillage' damage. They said the photo was amateur quality and they I should reply asking for clearer 'proof' that this was even indeed my laptop. i did this but got no reply. After a couple of attempts I called asus again to demand that someone talk to me on the phone. They said it would not be possible to speak to someone directly in complaints, or even talk to a manager and that they did not even have phone numbers for their own complaints department! - This is completely ridiculous! - I was told that all i could do was to write a letter to asus head office, which I did in late December. I have heard NOTHING, and am still without a laptop, have lost all my files, folders, music and photos. ALSO - as i pointed out in my letter to them, I have home insurance and had I have spilled something on the laptop (which I did not), then I would have just claimed new for old and not sent it off into the ether to then get a bill for £425!! Do not buy Asus. Buy anything other than Asus, I feel swindled, conned and more than a tad upset at the whole affair. ALSO - have since tried to locate a phone number for asus head office uk and the onelisted on line does not even connect!"

Wayne Gordon King says

"Shocking service! Asus use Let Me Repair UK who don't care for the electricals you send back. Sent monitor back with dead pixels only for the replacement to have a damaged screen and missing back plate and and damage to the stand. New monitors being replaced with used repaired electrical equipment. I will avoid Asus and Scan going forward."

Caron says

"DISASTER CUSTOMER SERVICES I purchased my laptop X512FA from currys on 20/12/2019 for £338.01. And started having screen problems in early November 2020 where the screen was not powering up sometimes and would sometimes just go blank while working on it. This was happening at least 3/4 times a week and was causing an inconvenience as I used it for work. I called ASUS to advise this screen issue and it was collected on 24/11/2020 as the screen problems is still covered under warranty. REF : E20110116118. The engineers emailed me on 26/11/2020 to advise that I need to pay them £180 for a new screen, which is just over half of what I paid for it new. And also if I dont want it repaired to pay them £45 to post it back to me unrepaired. THIS IS A LUDICROUS BLOODY JOKE. Not only have I not had any correspondence from ASUS directly about my complaint but I still have no laptop to date. I dont understand why I have to pay for a screen fault. This surely should be covered by warranty??? I have never ever ever dropped or damaged my laptop and was very happy with it until the screen kept blacking out intermittently. I recently had a stroke and not very well at the moment. I need this addressed/repaired asap and returned please as this issue is causing me significant stress. It's now over 45 DAYS, without my laptop back or any correspondence from ASUS. Absolutely disappointed as this is my 2nd purchase of an ASUS Laptop. Not sure if I will purchase this brand again after such poor customer service."

SANJAY kumar says

"It has been since 5 months I am complaining and visiting service center but the customer service is so worst that it cannot be repaired. I am facing problems with network connectivity but the support team always says that their is no problem. My product is under warranty buf I guess they will also delay my warrenty time. Without internet nothing can be accessed and it is just placed like a scrap in my store room. God knows at what bad time I decided to buy this scrap. Worst product ever used. All my money wasted. Will never buy asus product ever by mistake in my life. I would suggest others to buy of another brand by don't take chance with this."

Rue says

"Abysmal customer service. I have an 2 ASUS Monitors. One works well, the other has had issues since I first purchased it. Customer service are a nightmare to deal with, and do not want to process it as a warranty claim. The customer service personal were rude and were clearly reading from a script, despite the fact the response did not match the issue I am having. I will never purchase an ASUS product again."

Keith Miller says

"Do not buy an Asus product Enough said"

feng ace says

"I have to repair my screen and your procedure is for your guy to call back to set a date. until now no call no followup no nothing. is this good?"

Eddie Loi Velayo says

"I bought an ASUS ROG phone classic on January 2, 2021. While at the store, the staff asked me to check the device for scratches or dents. Because it's a brand new phone, I just glanced at the screen and back of the phone for any lines that might resemble a crack or scratch and saw none. I then checked the sides for any dents, also clear. So we made the purchase. Before leaving the store, I told them to put the device back in the box for the meantime because I don't want to put it in my pocket. We arrived home in the evening. Started unboxing the phone and downloaded some updates before going to bed. The next day, I continued setting up my phone and apps. Most of the time, I just put the phone on my laptop table while it was downloading stuff because it was taking a while. After dinner, I went back to downloading apps and setting up my phone. My partner, who was very keen to details, saw a dot on the screen which looked like a lint or dirt. So he told me to wipe it off with a cloth. However, it won't come off so we began to wonder if it's a dead pixel or something under or on the screen. We didn't feel anything if we wipe it with a cloth or use our thumb, but after using a cotton bud, that's when we felt that it was quite rough. I was shocked and started to feel upset! Of course, something is on the screen that won't come off so the following day, January 4, we went back to the store to complain. To my disbelief, they said it was a dent! A dent!? How could it possibly had a dent!? And on a glass screen!? I haven't even brought the phone out from the bedroom, or put it in my pocket because the whole day, I was busy downloading and updating stuff so I was either holding the phone or putting it down on the laptop table while waiting for the updates or downloads to finish! And I have ALWAYS been very careful while holding the phone! To add to my horror and anger, the store won't replace the device! They said it had a 7-day replacement policy, but only for manufacture defects like internal issues. They insisted that "cosmetic issues" can't be replaced. I told them how could I possibly see a small dot on the screen right away? It's not even visible when the screen is on. And at first glance, you'd think it's just a dirt or a lint. How would I be able to tell it was a dent? Did they expect me to wipe off every lint or dirt on the phone as I go through the inspection at the store? Or use my finger nail to scratch a dirt on the phone to check if it's a dent, just like what the store personnel did when I showed them the issue!? Since it's new and boxed, I expected the phone to be in excellent condition so naturally, my attention wouldn't dwell on very small details! I told them that I was feeling too "excited" and impressed with the phone as they were getting it out of the box, so the tendency of me noticing a small dot like that right away would be next to like, never. I told them that while the dot or dent is somehow visible with the phone turned off and under a well lit area (now that I'm aware of it), it isn't very noticeable if the screen is on. They did agree on this, but they kept insisting it can't be replaced because it's a cosmetic issue. When I reached out to Asus customer service, they told me the same thing! I felt like I got scammed! I bought a premium phone and my very first Asus device that turned out to be my biggest disappointment! And to think I have even tried to return the phone in less than 48 hours! So for all those who plans on buying an Asus device, think twice! You think you got yourself a quality item, but after sales and customer service is not just really bad. It's the worst! So, once I get rid of this crappy phone, no more Asus for me and will tell everyone who will ask for my recommendation not to buy anything from this brand!"

Jack says

"It took Asus about 6 months to refund my broken screen. in this time they "Replaced the screen" with already smashed screens. Even when they refunded me they only gave a credit note for the distributor, so i had to go back to Scan UK to get them to refund it once they got their money back from the distributor. Turns out they didn't give the credit note to the correct distibutor and it took me even longer to get my money back. Scan UK were just as bad as ASUS IMO also. Do NOT buy from ASUS you are wasting your money. -5 stars AVOID AVOID AVOID"

Tim says

"I just bought a new motherboard from ASUS that was defective. Now they refuse to handle this by warranty. Furthermore, this board was not well designed in many aspects. In my opinion: Asus focuses too much on LED light effects with their motherboards but too little on functionality, quality, and support."

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